The websites, services, products, tools and functions of PiePie and/or any and all applications, including but not limited to mobile applications, related to PiePie (collectively “PiePie Services”) are owned or operated by Machipopo, Inc. (“PiePie” or “we”).

PiePie Cookie Policy (this “Cookie Policy”) regulates the legal relationship between the user of PiePie Services (“you” or “PiePie User”) and us regarding your use of PiePie Services. That is, you are deemed to agree to accept this Cookie Policy and to be subject to this Cookie Policy upon your registration of a PiePie account or use of PiePie Services. If you do not agree to accept this Cookie Policy, please do not register PiePie account or use PiePie Services.

This Cookie Policy is to explain how and when we use cookies when you connect to, use and/or access PiePie Services and how you can manage cookies.

This Cookie Policy is made and effective from August 1st, 2018 and is last revised on August 1st, 2018. Please note that PiePie may amend this Cookie Policy at any time at its sole discretion, so you are encouraged to check the latest Cookie Policy at all times to protect your cookie privacy.

What Are Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your devices (including but not limited to computers and mobile devices) and are able to store and receive identifiers to help browsers and applications to recognize your devices. In this Cookie Policy, all similar technologies are referred to as “Cookies.”

Functions of Cookies

We will use Cookies to provide better PiePie Services to you. For example, Cookies enable us to provide you with personalized services, safer use environment and PiePie Services with better fluency. The following are main functions of Cookies in PiePie Services:

  1. Authentication: Cookies can help us to verify and determine your login information to provide you with customized services.
  2. Security: Cookies can help us to maintain and improve the security of PiePie Services and to deal with violation of applicable laws and terms/policies regarding PiePie to provide you with a safer environment of PiePie Services.
  3. Preference: Cookies can help us to remember services that you most frequently use, your preference and setting, including but not limited to language setting, to provide you with functions more suitable for you and make PiePie Services with better frequency.
  4. Analytics: Cookies can help us to have a better understand on how PiePie Services are used and help us to analyze, research and improve PiePie Services.
  5. Advertising: Cookies can also be used to adjust and display contents, activities or advertisement that you may be interested in and to analyze the effect of advertising. For example, our advertising partners may use Cookies to display products or services that you are interested in and to record the interaction between you and such advertisement.

Where Do We Place Cookies

We will place Cookies on websites (whether computer or mobile version) and applications and you will receive cookies while using PiePie Services.

How Long Will Cookies Stay on Your Devices

Depends on the type of Cookies, duration of Cookies will differ from one to another. Session cookies will only stay on your devices when you are using PiePie Services, while persistent Cookies will keep staying on your devices until they expire (the length of time will also differ from one to another) or are deleted.

Third Party Cookies

Our affiliates or third-party service providers may also place Cookies on your devices via PiePie Services. Please note that such Cookies are governed by the cookie policy of such affiliates or third parties and you are encouraged to visit each of their websites to learn more about their cookie policies.

Manage Cookies

You can manage Cookies on your browsers and devices. For example, you can block Cookies, restrict Cookies or delete Cookies stored on your devices. You can directly manage Cookies by changing the setting of your browsers or devices. In order to manage Cookies, please read the instruction of browsers or devices you are using. Please be aware that changing the setting of Cookies may restrict or affect your use experience or even cause PiePie Services stop working normally.

Mutatis Mutandis

Cookies are part of your personal information. Therefore, unless this Cookie Policy stipulates, the PiePie Personal Data Protection Policy shall apply mutatis mutandis regarding the collection and process of Cookies.


This Cookie Policy is originally drafted in Chinese. Should there be any contravention between different versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.